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Voronet also known as Sistine Chapel of the East

Regions of Romania II – Moldavia & Bucovina

In the first part of the series Regions of Romania, we explored Transylvania and Wallachia, two magical places. Now we continue with two more fascinating regions of Romania, Moldavia, and Bucovina. We’ll dive deep into the specifics of each and what it has to offer in terms...
Biertan Fortified Church

Regions of Romania – beautiful diversity Transylvania &Wallachia

Exploring Romania by region not only gives you a better understanding of the authentic Romanian way of life but also provides an insight into its history and external influences.
Travelers at the Athenaeum

Local Romanian guide – the traveling buddy you need

Romania as a travel destination satisfies every traveler need from beautiful nature tours to urban exploring. The country is rich in history, architecture and natural wonders. But this diversity can seem overwhelming when trying to decide exactly what to put on your must-see...
Cluj Napoca

Romania – Airbnb’s 5th trendiest destination in 2020

Romania ranked 5th on Airbnb’s list of 20 trending destinations for 2020.

Romania’s Christmas Markets 2019 – local flavors and traditions

Romania’s Christmas Markets for 2019 are just about to open their doors to locals and travelers alike. The cold air starts smelling of cinnamon and mulled wine. Along comes glimmering lights and a faint sound of Christmas carols. Romania may not be so well known for winter...
Cheering with Romanian liquors

Safety in Romania – all there is to know

As with any place you visit, being safe is the first concern. So in order to make your vacation one you can truly enjoy, we have compiled a handy guide to all you have to know about safety in Romania. So, how safe is Romania to travel? Romania is an incredible destination that...
Horezu pottery workshop

First time in Romania – must see cities, nature and experiences to have

Thinking about your first time in Romania and feel overwhelmed about all you should see? Or maybe you don’t have a lot of knowledge and don’t know where to start. Then you’re in luck. In this article we have compiled a list of the places to see and things to do...
Bucharest by night

What to do on a rainy day in Bucharest – top museums

Romania is a country that can be enjoyed in any weather having lots of options in regards to indoors or outdoor activities. So what can you do on a rainy day in Bucharest to enjoy all of what this big city has to offer? Rest assured, you’ll see much more than your...

Romanian drinks – from traditional brandy to local wines

As you probably heard, Romanians have a special place in their hearts for traditional meals. But just as much they enjoy the local Romanian drinks. Almost every Romanian household has at least one bottle of homemade alcoholic beverage be it wine, brandy or a fruity liquor. You...
Autumn colors on Transfagarasan

Romania Autumn trips – greet fall Romanian style

Romanian Autumn trips are probably some of the most colorful and filled with local savor. While Romania has four seasons and each has its own charm, fall might be just perfect for wandering and exploring. Spring in Romania delights with fields full of flowers in bloom and the...

Day trips from Bucharest

Bucharest is a great city to explore. From The Old Town with cobbled stone streets, chic cafes and great architecture to numerous museums and buildings that tell the story of the communist era, there are plenty to do and see. But after experiencing the capital city of Romania,...
Victory's Avenue in Bucharest

Bucharest public transport – getting around town

When planning a trip to Bucharest, be it for a one day trip or longer, the first thing you have to know is how to get from point A to point B in a manner that is efficient. Bucharest public transport is not that well organized and can be a little bit daunting if you don’t...